What We Offer A holistic approach to planning.

We approach each client’s situation with the big picture in mind.  We get to know YOU ~ what is most important, your values and experiences with money.  We consider all aspects of your world and design a plan that can adapt and evolve as you move through life, while keeping your goals in sight.

Our Financial Services financial planning for barrie & area

Debt Cash Flow Barrie, Ontario

Debt & Cash Flow Management

The foundation of all long-term wealth creation is the effective use of our cash flow and the level and structure of our debt.

Education Planning Barrie, Ontario

Education Planning

To help you maximize available government dollars and develop an effective savings plan to make your children’s or grandchildren’s future education goals a reality.

Investment Management Barrie, Ontario

Investment Management

Individualized asset building strategies tailored to the achievement of your specific dreams.

Retirement Planning and Income Strategies Barrie, Ontario

Retirement Planning & Income Strategies

Coordinating pensions, government benefits and personal savings to ensure you will not outlive your money. 

Tax Planning Barrie, Ontario

Tax Planning

Helping you to make the most of the 3 tax ‘D’s; Deduct, Defer and Divide. Proper tax planning is just as, if not more, important as good investment planning.

Estate Succession Planning Barrie, Ontario

Estate and Succession Planning

Helping you to leave your legacy to the next generation in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Risk Protection Planning Barrie, Ontario

Risk Protection Planning

Insurance solutions to protect you and your family in the event you pass away, become sick or disabled, or require extended health care in a facility or the comfort of your home.

Life Transition Planning Barrie, Ontario

Life Transition Planning

Specific strategies to help you and your family transition through life events such as marriage, first home, divorce, parenthood, change or loss of employment, caring for elderly parents etc.

Special Needs Planning Barrie, Ontario

Special Needs Planning

Helping you to access government income & savings incentives to financially assist families today but also to prepare for the future of those living with a disability. For more information, visit our sister site: Spectrum Special Needs Planning.

  • Our Process
  • Gather & Learn
  • Analyze & Identify
  • Design & Recommend
  • Implement & Process
  • Monitor & Maintain
  • Our Process

    Success comes from a repeatable process. Guiding you through the necessary steps to the ultimate realization of your dreams is our passion and our strength.

    See our full process by clicking below.

  • Gather & Learn

    We will get to know one another, ask a ton of questions, establish expectations for both sides and identify your goals, priorities, and preferences.

  • Analyze & Identify

    We analyze your current situation and identify strengths, weaknesses and any barriers that may prevent you from achieving your goals.

  • Design & Recommend

    We will provide specific and actionable items with recommended strategies and solutions to help you to meet all your financial goals.

  • Implement & Process

    Once we have agreed upon and fine-tuned the recommended plan, we will organize and manage all paperwork and execute the necessary transactions.

  • Monitor & Maintain

    We will stay on top of all future tasks and follow-ups and will monitor the plan on an ongoing basis making adjustments wherever needed.


We all have dreams – embarking on a new hobby or career path, educating our children, an extended European vacation, cottage property for the whole family to enjoy or a worry free retirement ~ but in order for our dreams to come true, we must have a plan.

“How exactly can Spectrum help me?”

Personalized Solutions

Our customized portfolios are created to reflect your unique financial goals, as well as your values.

Disciplined Approach

We help you look beyond the short-term financial noise and manage your assets using a well-defined, disciplined approach.

Sharing Knowledge

We educate without overwhelming and provide timely communications.

Independent Advice

We have access to thousands of investment options and strategies allowing us to personalize portfolios to reflect your families unique goals.

Service Committment

Our team will provide exceptional service and response times.

Peace of Mind

By ensuring you have someone that is guiding you through all of the important decisions, you will be able to sleep at night with confidence.