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Living with, or caring for someone with a disability can be emotionally and financially challenging now… but what does the future hold?   Let us help you to have an understanding of what lies ahead and enlighten you on the available tools and strategies (RDSP's, ODSP, Henson Trusts) that can enhance future lifestyle by building and protecting your financial resources.

Our personalized planning process will help you to:

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Explore Resources

Help you to gain insight as to the advantages and limitations of the various resources and how they will affect your family; Disability Tax Credit, Provincial Government Support Programs, Trusts etc

Save Effectively

Explore the different savings plan options to determine which may be the best solution for your specific needs:

  • Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)
  • Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)
  • Tax Free Savings Plan (TFSA)
  • Segregated fund Savings
  • RRSP rollovers to an RDSP

Save on Taxes

By rolling your remaining RRSP assets on death into a Trust or RDSP for your financial dependant child, you could potential eliminate a large tax bill.

Access Government Assistance

We can help you to complete the application process for the Disability Tax Credit if eligible and access very generous government grant and bond entitlements through the RDSP program.

Protect Your Benefits

There are many strategies to provide income or build future savings without losing your Provincial Disability Support benefits.

Properly Structure Your Will

Provide guidance on how your estate and Will could be structured to protect government benefits while still providing the financial resources necessary for long term security, through tools such as an Absolute Discretionary (Henson) Trust or The Inheritance Trust.

Fund a Trust

Evaluate how life insurance can be used as a guaranteed way to fund a trust. For the average family, life insurance may be the only way that they can leave a large lump sum to the trust by making affordable monthly payments.

Properly Direct Gifts of Inheritance

Help you to educate other family members who may want to gift or Will assets to the disabled individual so that it does not inadvertently conflict with government support benefits. Good intentions can hurt your well designed plan.

Have Peace of Mind

We will give you a clear picture of the future and peace of mind that you have taken the necessary steps to ensure the future security of someone living with a disability to the best of your ability.

In working with Karen, I have found her to go above and beyond my highest expectations. Her knowledge with regard to people with special needs, the tax benefits available to them and how to look after their future is 2nd to none. She is also really nice! -D.J.

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