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We have borrowed a number of helpful tools from several investment and insurance companies we thought you would find useful.

What is my Net Worth?
Knowing the difference between what you own (your assets) and what you owe (your liabilities) is a measure of your financial health and well being.  

Budget / Cash Flow Worksheet
The first step in building a wise financial plan is determining your family's income and expenses. This tool makes it easy.

What is my Marginal Tax Rate?
Many of these calculations require you to input your marginal (income) tax rate. Here's a quick tool to estimate that number depending upon the province you reside in.

Pay off my mortgage or contribute to my RRSP?
Try this calculator to help you find which method will provide your best outcome.

Should I take a loan to contribute to my RRSP?
An RRSP "catch-up" loan could be a good way to take advantage of your unused RRSP contribution room. But is a loan right for you?

Retirement Calculator
Use this Retirement Calculator to help map out your future needs, goals and savings targets for the coming year and beyond.

Advantage of Early Investing
View the importance of investing early and on a regular basis.

How much will I need to save for my children's education?
Discover how much your money can grow in an RESP with the added contributions from the Canada Education Savings Grant. The RESP Calculator will help you develop an effective savings plan to make your children's future education goals a reality.

Tax Free Account vs Non-Registered Investing
View the benefits of investing into a Tax Free Savings Account.

Debt Consolidator
Looking to consolidate your high interest debt into one easy to manage payment? This calculator can show you how much you might save by consolidating your debt at a lower interest rate.

Risk Profile Questionnaire
Structuring your investment portfolio is a balancing act between your financial needs, time horizon, attitude toward risk and ability to tolerate fluctuations in your accounts. This questionnaire is designed to identify a customized allocation strategy to assist you in meeting your financial goals. 

Your Will Planning Workbook
A great deal of thought and planning needs to go into preparing your Will. If you would like a Will Planning Workbook to help you with this task, please send us a quick email and we will mail one out to you.    

These tools & calculators are provided for informational and illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon as, nor considered to be professional advice when used alone. The results are limited by the accuracy of the assumptions you make in providing the information used in these tools & calculators. You should seek financial advice from your advisor. While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in these tools & calculators we cannot guarantee their accuracy, or completeness.

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